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One Day Dentures in Mesquite & Dallas TX

Dentures & Dental Services® can provide dentures in a day for patients who are seeking to improve their lifestyles as well as their smiles. When natural teeth become unhealthy, dentures are one way to restore them. Our one day dentures in Mesquite and Dallas TX are an option in the area. Dentures can usually take up to 3 weeks to be crafted, but we don't think that anyone should have to wait that long. Our in-house lab allows us to design your dentures in our office so that you can begin adjusting to your new set of teeth right away.
We have a number of options available to suit your budget-from replacement dentures to replacing a worn set, to initial full dentures. As you get older, you may become more susceptible to gum disease and other oral problems. Our dentists might advise patients with severe oral problems to have teeth extracted and prepped for dentures. They are customized to fit in your mouth. Contact us today to have your smile corrected with our one day dentures.

Smiling Older Couple in Mesquite & Dallas, TX

Mesquite & Dallas: Immediate Dentures

In Mesquite and Dallas, our service for immediate dentures quickly improves the quality of life for our patients as they anticipate receiving their denture set. Your smile defines you and you should not be discouraged when the time comes for it to be reconstructed. Once your teeth are extracted, your bone needs enough time to remodel. At Dentures & Dental Services®, we offer immediate dentures to help you adjust during the healing period, which can take up to 10 months.

Full Replacement Denture Sets: Mesquite & Dallas

Our replacement dentures for patients in Mesquite, Dallas and surrounding areas start at just $395 per set. Whether you have lost your dentures or they have been damaged somehow, we can design a new set for you. Some patients also use their replacement dentures as a backup. We can fabricate your dentures to suit you with the high-quality materials in our lab.

Our one day dentures in Mesquite, Dallas and surrounding areas such as Garland, Rockwall, Forney, Terrell, Ennis, Kaufman, Greenville, Tyler, and Corsicana will have you smiling again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our replacement denture sets are also affordably priced starting at $395.